Port of Corpus Christi Oil Dock 15 & Load Line Projects



Port of Corpus Christi

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Project Scope

Construction Management & Inspection


  • Construction Management
  • Government and Agency Coordination
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Site Design


  • Energy

Total PL Project was approximately 6,000’ of new 30'' with a 3,000’ HDD making two large sweeping compounded turns. Also Included in this project was an extensive amount of fabrication for future connections and numerous tie-ins to existing infrastructure. 100% of these projects were constructed inside of a high traffic, high occupancy International Trade Zone operated by the port of Corpus Christi and policed by the National Security Administration and Coast Guard. All movements and schedules had to be well planned and communicated not just within our construction team and group of vendors/contractors, but also with the affected security personnel, port environmental/engineering staff, and the HarborMaster for any Port side operations.

The dock was a combined design effort between our client operator and the POCCA. Approximately 70% of the total project was done on or over the water from work and crane barges. Upon completion of Oil Dock 15 the client company helped the POCCA set a record loading 960,000 barrels across one dock in under 24hrs onto one vessel. Total cost of projects combined was approximately $65 Million.