Stormwater Management Master Plan and Conditional Letter of Map Revision Neumann Homes

GIlbert, IL


Gilbert, Illinois

Project Year


Project Scope

Phase II Engineering Design


  • Construction Engineering and Inspection
  • Design
  • Flood Control and Inundation Maps
  • Floodplain Risk Management
  • Stormwater Management
  • Urban planning
  • Water System Planning and Design


  • Water Resources

This project entailed stormwater master planning of detention facilities for a multi-neighborhood subdivision in the Village of Gilberts, IL. Work included floodplain analysis and Conditional Letter of Map Revision to remove developable land from the mapped flood-plain, permitting through the joint permit application process, and permitting through FEMA. Efforts also included coordination with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources ­Office of Water Resources and Kane County Department of Water Resources and directing work of junior engineers, coordinating with the client and regulatory agencies.